How to use MySMS Extension and Why?

MYSMS is an another way to be connected with your phone from your PC. MYSMS is an extension and app both are available and easy to use with Android tablet/phone, Apple iPad, Windows, Chrome. This is an easiest way to receive and send SMS from computer. Feel free to use MYSMS app or extension. In this post … Read more

How to Delete “Uncategorized” Category in WordPress

When I was new on WordPress then I noticed that there is a category named “Uncategorized”. Basically Its a default category of WordPress. You can not just simply remove this category because, there is a little hard work to remove that “Uncategorized” category. Then I thought that there are many WordPress users might be annoying … Read more

How to use Save to Pocket Extension

Save to Pocket also known as Save to Google is an extension for Google Chrome. Save to Pocket extension is the best way to save articles, videos, and much more to read later. Google has introduced its new extension called Save to Pocket, it allows you to save any type of webpage to read later. Save … Read more