Launcher Theme for iPhone 7S App

When a person listens about Launcher theme they shout at that time wow, new things have come in the Market, Launcher Theme for iPhone 7S App Feel free to download due to my audience request to publish about Launcher themes, so guys! Today I am going to tell about Launcher Theme for iPhone 7S App that is very … Read more

How to Add MacOS frame to Your Screenshots

Creating a post with screenshots is kinda easy to understand method for your visitors. What about creating macOS window frame to your screenshot? Can’t afford/don’t like apple products? like Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad. But, still wanna inspire your viewers with different kind of screenshots. There is an extension named “Standardized Screenshot”. Standardized screenshot is a … Read more

How to use AirDroid and Why?

use airdroid

AirDroid is a fastest android device manager app. It allows you to access your phone/tablet directly from your computer. AirDroid is safe and secure. AirDroid manages your files, photos, SMS and videos and more on the computer. It’s very comfortable to type on a keyboard than touch-screen smartphones. So, AirDroid connects your devices with each other. … Read more

How to use MySMS Extension and Why?

MYSMS is an another way to be connected with your phone from your PC. MYSMS is an extension and app both are available and easy to use with Android tablet/phone, Apple iPad, Windows, Chrome. This is an easiest way to receive and send SMS from computer. Feel free to use MYSMS app or extension. In this post … Read more

What is Pushbullet, How to use and why?

Pushbullet is an extension and app, available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Windows. Pushbullet connects your phone with your PC. Which means whenever you got text messages then your don’t need to pick your cell phone up, unlock the password, read the message, type with your tiny touch-screen keyboard, you just have … Read more

How to use Save to Pocket Extension

Save to Pocket also known as Save to Google is an extension for Google Chrome. Save to Pocket extension is the best way to save articles, videos, and much more to read later. Google has introduced its new extension called Save to Pocket, it allows you to save any type of webpage to read later. Save … Read more