How can you pay your invoice via PayPal?

There are so many websites whose motive is to purchase and sell or provide service. They have so many options to pay and receive and Payment via PayPal is also an option to pay or receive.

If you guys having an issue with payment and you want to pay via PayPal then you should read rest. You can perform your wishes through PayPal Android App.

When you are going to check out millions of websites which are dealing with pay and receive just click on the PayPal button further steps are as follow.

Here I’m going to tell you the way of payment step by step.


Steps: Pay your invoice via PayPal?

Step 1:

Log in your account, purchase something or just go to the payment setup:

Step 2:

Select your invoices way, there may be so many ways to pay but if you want to pay via PayPal then no need to worry just click on PayPal and the further process will continue…

Step 3:

PayPal supporting all the time after selecting the way to pay PayPal will show below panel just put your email and password and there you go once the payment process is completed your voice will be paid!

Here I told you some basic steps that how you can pay your invoices via PayPal.
If you guys have any issue comment below to tell us.


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