Camtasia Studio 32-bit Full Version Free Download

Welcome to TechsTribe and thanks for coming to download Camtasia Studio 8 32-bit for pc. We have found this software and now this time to push it towards you then to the public. First of all, we should tell you why we use Camtasia studio 8 32-bit? This is a video editing software you may edit your video as you want because its features are also awesome. I hope you wanna use this software if you want so, download it now. The download link in the last of this post you may use it in your pc without any problem.

The Camtasia studio has its own library of videos, images, callouts, intros, etc. The main thing is there it is very important for you that you may adjust your video size as you want. There are some but awesome features in this software if you want to see so, download it now. Tech Smith is the developer of the Camtasia Studio 8 32-bit but there is some other software whose developer is the same.

Camtasia Studio 8 32-bit Full Version:

Camtasia Studio 32-bit Full Version

Download Camtasia Studio 32-bit full version could be a powerful software system application that allows you to form professional-looking videos. It is also easy to use, with lots of intuitive options that build the assembly of gorgeous visuals fast and simple. Camtasia Studio 32-bit free download provides the user with enough powerful options to make and edit the absolute best videos. With the power to import audio and video, any of your existing media is brought aboard and entered into the inventive method.

By merely drag-and-dropping varied icons, shapes, texts, or clips, you’ll be able to have complete inventive management over your project. Their area unit also a variety of animated backgrounds out there to use, sanctification the assembly of coaching, instructional, or promoting videos.

Camtasia Studio 32-bit Info:

Name Camtasia Studio 8
Size:247 MB
Genre:Video Editor
Developer: Tech Smith
Price Free for 30 days
Download OnTechsTribe


  • Library: Save redaction time and come through consistency by storing callouts, title slides, or a complete also intro sequence for later use.
  • YouTube upload: manufacture and upload HD-quality videos to YouTube while not going away the app.
  • Copy and paste: you’ll also use transitions, zooms and different effects by repetition and pasting into totally different spots on the timeline or add it to the library.
  • Keystroke callous: you’ll build keystrokes visible as Camtasia Studio 8 32-bit free download also takes note of any keyboard short-cuts used throughout the recording and shows the keys as a graphic overlay.
  • Enhanced callous: New callous designs give support for image transparency.
  • Sketch motion callous: Bring attention to the necessary parts of your videos also with animated shapes.

Installation Process of Camtasia Studio 32-bit Full Version

The installation process of Camtasia studio 32 bit is also easy as a download. I’ll show you all the parts which will use in the installation. First of all, download it from upside and then ready to understand the process of installation. If you are getting issues to download it so, contact us to solve it and provide a complete version. The Camtasia studio 32 bit is easy to download but it is also easy to install on your pc.

Let’s Start installation of Camtasia Studio 8 free download

  • First of all, download Camtasia studio 32 bit from download button.
  • For the downloading you have to click on two buttons first is in the screenshot.
Camtasia Studio 32 bit
  • The second button you may watch in also a screenshot.
  • The second button actually belongs to Google Drive
Camtasia Studio 32 bit
  • Now, you should look at your chromes left, down. I hope you are watching your downloading files
  • After downloading the Camtasia studio file you should go to the downloads of your pc.
  • Look at my screenshot
Camtasia Studio 32 bit
  • Right click on the file which downloaded now on your pc.
  • Click on extract here
Camtasia Studio 32 bit
  • Then, you have to enter the password
  • The password is
  • This you have to enter two time as I am entering
Camtasia Studio 32 bit
Camtasia Studio
  • Now, you are to wait till the loading complete
Camtasia Studio
  • You are watching two thing which came new from the file
  • The one is Camtasia application
  • The second is Serial of it. This will help you to unlock the 30 days free
Camtasia Studio
  • In the Serial, the keys are present and those are in the screenshot
Camtasia Studio
  • Now, right click on the application
  • Click on the run an administration
Camtasia Studio
  • You have to wait a while till it starts its engine
  • Select your language
  • Click on OK
Camtasia Install
  • Wait is the best
Camtasia Studio
  • Preparing to Install
Camtasia Studio Install
  • Click to Next
  • Click on I accept the license agreement
  • Again, click on next
Installation Camtasia Studio
  • Now, open your Serials and copy software key
  • You may add your name as I added
  • Click to next
Camtasia Studio
  • It is on your hand you may allow three buttons
  • Then, click on next to install
  • Wait, for completing the loading
  • It will take time in the starting
Camtasia 32 bit
  • Wait for the 2 or 3 minutes
Camtasia Studio
  • Now, this is the last screenshot of installation
  • Click on finish
Camtasia Studio 32

Final Words:

I hope you did the installation process with your whole interest. If you did any mistake or it has done itself so, must contact us to solve that. In the last, I’d like to say please share the software with your friends to push it towards Public.

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