Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod APK for Android

Ever thought of taking revenge for someone, by killing a bunch of dinos? Even though it sounds really weird, this game offers you the opportunity to go on an exciting adventure.

Call of Mini mod apk is itself an action series, which is playing by those who love action in their arcade games. This game is bound to give them a real immersive experience, one they will marvel over.

There are 21 weapons from which you can choose. These weapons are flashy, and they have their own unique purpose. At the end of each level, you will witness boss fights; these fights make the game more interesting.

Many gamers complain that levels in a game become repetitive, and they get bored right after playing 2 levels. However, this game is different.

To keep gamers interested, the developers of this game is creating 5 characters, and they all have their own specialties. This makes the game interesting, as you can switch to five different characters. Moreover, there are so man dinosaurs in this game and you won’t have a free second on your hand. You have to kill the dinosaurs with the weapons that you have.

You can customize your characters, and upgrade the weapons so that you are able to become more efficient at getting rid of the dinosaurs. There are so many items available to you in the APK version, that you will be able to use them and upgrade your skills and weapons. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


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If you want to download this game, then you can download it on PC and then transfer it to your mobile. The game is very easy to download, and once you start playing it, you will easily get a hang of it.

This is a fairly long game, as you will find a lot of action while playing this. Know that the dinosaurs have been hiding in the forests for a long time, and they are now hungry for people!

They want to cause destruction and see everything in pieces around them. You have to stop them because you are one of the famous lizard hunters.

The graphics of this game are of high quality, and when you see the dinosaurs on your screen, you will notice how realistic they look.

There are intuitive controls, which will help you cope up with the game. The game is creating by Trinity Interactive Studios Limited, and you need Android 4.1+ for it.

If you want some really good action on your screen, then don’t miss this opportunity and download the game right away!


The main character in this game has to kill dinosaurs, to survive and to take revenge. Some people, who were close to the main character, were murder and it is time to take revenge.

The game is very creative, and you will feel a difference between this game, and all the other games you are playing the past. Remember, you won’t be able to let go of this game easily, because it is a very addicting game!

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