Download Bitlife MOD APK for Android

Do you want to take control of your life? Are you curious about how that can happen? All you need to do is download Bitlife MOD APK for your Android phone. 

It is very simple to download this real-life simulation. Just go to Google Play Store from your cell phone, and then search for Bitlife. You will find the game and then you can easily install it. 


You can decide the things that should happen in your life, which would make your character happier. However, if your character isn’t happy, then he might get depressed. This would end up negatively influencing all the other activities in that person’s life. 

It might simpler on the surface, but the game pretty much gives you different scenarios and three choices. For example, there is a scenario where your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you, and he says that you use too much hashtag.

Now you have three options to choose from; you can insult him, wish him well or beg him to stay. Your answer will define your happiness and future.


Download Bitlife MOD APK

Download Bitlife MOD APK

If you want to change your looks in real life, you will have to spend a lot of money. However, in Bitlife, you can use game cash, go to plastic surgeons and get any look you want. Sound exciting, doesn’t it?


Apart from making all these choices, you get to participate in a lot of activities as well. Work is the most boring activity in this real-life simulation, but you need to bring in money so that you can purchase anything you want. 

Clubbing is an activity, where you can go every now and then, and relive stress. This activity gives you the chance to choose a future partner, and you might get into different situations like fighting.


You can even go to a casino, and if you win there, then you can get a fortune. If you lose at the casino, then you won’t have anything left. 

This game has many activities, and you will find at least two that will interest you. For example, you can commit crimes, and make money by doing illegal things. However, as this is a real-life simulation, you might get caught and end up in prison. 

Visuals & Sound

The game is not visually appealing, and you will see text most of the time. However, it is well organized, and you have access to different options. There are soundtracks included in this game, which might excite you.

Feature of the Game

This real-life simulation is bound to keep you interested from start to finish. It gives you the chance to shape your own life and make your own story. You are going to begin your life from sperm, and then you can make all the choices that you want. 

Personal Stats

You will be shown statistics about your various actions. For example, you can see how one action or decision shaped up your future. Was it a good decision or not?

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