The 15+ Best Measurement Apps for Android in 2021

The 15+ Best Measurement Apps for Android in 2021 and a line or surface that cuts perpendicularly all plumb lines that it meets. It would be everywhere coincide with a surface of still water. The plane of a horizon or a line in it.

A bubble level, spirit level or just simply a level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. Different types of bubble levels may be used by carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers, other building trades workers, surveyors.

The 15+ Best Measurement Apps for Android in 2021

These utility tools help us with some easy or hard tasks, whether you are at home or away at a job. While its common use is in construction, it can also be used for photography and even carpentry.

If you work in the construction industry, you probably own several levels. If you are new to the job, you are gonna get confused with the number of options you will have.

Level and Angles

Best Measurement Apps for Android


According to Merriam Webster, a level is described nicely.

It says it is a device for establishing a horizontal line or plane by means of a bubble in a liquid that shows adjustment to the horizontal by the movement to the center of a slightly bowed glass tube.  It is a measurement of the difference of altitude of two points by means of a level.



According to Merriam Webster.

The angle is a corner whether constituting a projecting part of a partially enclosed space. The figure formed by two lines extending from the same point. Angle is a measure of an angle or of the amount of turning necessary to bring one line or plane into a coincidence with or parallel to another.

Bubble Ruler:

Bubble Ruler

This level with horizontal and vertical (45′ 90’180′) vials error within 1 mm. It is a perfect and traditional spirit level ideal for use. It can be used around any suitable project.

For office use, home, for the DIY and professional and amateur maintenance. This Spirit Level Bubble Ruler consists of high-quality plastic which is more durable and sturdy for long term use.

Angle Meter Ruler

Best Measurement Apps for Android

Angle meter ruler is a good helper. This tool would be a good helper for woodworkers. Perfect to measure the exact angles such as trays, sloping roofs, and handrails during lineation.

ACCURATE MEASUREMENT: Measuring range is 0-225′ (vertical and horizontal) at a measuring precision of 0.2′.

LARGE LCD DISPLAY: Easily readable LCD display shows the exact measuring results at once. With data holding function, it makes it much easier for you to read the data.

EASY TO USE: Large and clear LCD with backlight, keep its normal use on dark.

Spirit Level (Bubble Level)

Spirit Level (Bubble Level)

There are many manufacturers of ‘Spirit Level.’ Most well-known brands including Johnson Level, Empire Level, Stabila and Stanley.

But despite the different makers, spirit levels use and features are roughly the same. A Spirit Level is a tool used to indicate how parallel level or perpendicular plumb. A surface is relative to the earth. A spirit level gets its name from the mineral spirit solution inside the level.

How to Read a Spirit Level

Best Measurement Apps for Android

  • You have to locate the bottom edge of the level. This level will rest against the surface you are trying to level.
  • Some of the tools have magnetic edges. They are easy to use on metal surfaces as they get attached to it.
  • Inspect the body of the level and check for grabbing points where you won’t block the vials with your hands.
  • Most levels feature a punched hole on at least one end for hanging above your workbench.
  • The tube vial in the center of the level helps you find the true horizontal.
  • Tube vials on the ends find the true vertical.

These tools are very useful and easy to use. Give them a try.

Build 3D Floor Plans

A 3D floor plan is a type of diagram that shows the layout of a home or property in 3D fro above. Unlike a 2D Floor Plan, a 3D Floor Plan includes perspective which makes it easier for you to understand the size and layout of a space.

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They typically include details such as windows, doors, flooring, and fixed installations such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures. They may also include furniture to illustrate the scale of a room and how it can be furnished. 3D Floor Plans are useful for real estate marketing, home staging, and home design projects.

AR Plan 3D

AR Plan 3D – Innovative measurement app, which uses augmented reality (AR) for quick roo measurement. This technology allows laying virtual tape measure ruler on a real-world surface, making measurement process and 3D floor plan creation much easier and quicker.

With AR Plan 3D ruler app you can:

  1. Tape measure perimeter and height of the room in Metric or imperial units (cm, m, mm ruler app, inch ruler app, feet, yard).
  2. Tape measure doors and windows like Best Measurement Apps for Android.
  3. Automatically calculate perimeter, floor square, walls square and other values, which might be useful for construction materials quantity estimations.
  4. 3D Floorplanner – Create 3D floor plan o the room with all measured dimensions.
  5. Floorplanner – classic floor plan with Best Measurement Apps for Android.
  6. 2D Side view Floorplanner – Create side view floor plan.
  7. Store floor plan measurements in a Floorplanner Archive.
  8. Share floor plan measurements via email, message, social network, etc.

It is a great app, amazing options. The fact that you can save in dxf file format to export to CAD software. Its a good room measuring app with room for improvements. The area to improve is the [edit] section to correct the measurements errors of an exit plan.

I recommend everyone to give this app a try.

Angle Meter

It is an instrument for measuring angles. Angle Meter lets you measure the angle or slope. Note that you will be able to measure a variety of slope forms.

Whether it is a measure of touch with the surface of a Ranrbeoeyong directly to 2, or to measure the angle of the target away a short distance away from you after kilometer. There is an Angle Meter application also for measuring inclination or angles.

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It uses arc tangent of gravity between two axes and provides accurate results depending on the quality of sensors. It is a software application from the System Maintenance subcategory, part of the System utility category.

The app is currently available in English. The program can be installed on Android.


  • Real-time display angle value reference by the horizontal axis.
  • 2 mode for using ( mode 1 and mode 2)
  • Graphics Animation display related by mode.
  • Option to measure angle or slope on surfaces not parallel to ground with relative angle mode.
  • Interval of 0-180 or 0-360 degrees with angle complement.
  • 2 orientation axes (Move your device left/right or back/forward direction)
  • Option to save recordings in the database, view them as lists or charts, and get a copy of the measurement history (as Xls file or charts).
  • Option to measure the angle of an object in picture through image measurement screen.
  • Image gallery to display images in preview mode or with details.
  • Various customization options.
  • Calibrate option for accuracy.


  • – User Manual and privacy Policy is available in the Help Section of navigation view.
  • – To open navigation view please swipe your screen to the right near the left side of the screen.
  • – For customization options please visit Settings Screen.

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Measurement Modes:

Single Angle: Rotate your device and read the angle

Difference Between Two Angles: This mode is useful for calculating inclination between 2 separate objects. Touch angle meter bezel and fix the first angle. Touch again to fix the second and see a difference between angles.

Relative Angle: This mode is useful for measuring angle if the object is not parallel to the ground or surface is not even. touch angle meter bezel to set the first portion of the angle, touch again rotating your device to complete measurement.

Bubble Level: Put your device on the floor and measure the ground angle horizontally and vertically.

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