Want to know-how. If someone blocks your number

Motorola Smartphone

It’s a horrible feeling: you meet someone new, you’ve hit it off, and you’re texting a dozen times a day. But then the answers are few and far between. Then they shut down completely. And you can do everything by wondering, “Did they block me?” The answer is, “Maybe.” If you’re looking for a definitive … Read moreWant to know-how. If someone blocks your number

The best anti-virus software 2020

AVG Antivirus

These days, having a secure and complete anti-virus security service is more important than ever, as the growing number of cyber threats target businesses and consumers alike. best anti-virus software 2020. However, in the crowded market segment, choosing the best antivirus software for your business or home can be a daunting challenge. The best anti-virus … Read moreThe best anti-virus software 2020