[Best Guide] Apple Stock Market Advantages

On the 1st of April, 1976, Apple was found, making the company 43 years old today. It was found by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In this page, you will have more information about [Best Guide] Apple Stock Market Advantages.

Though the two Steves are most known and visible founders of Apple, if it were not for their friend Ronald Wayne, there might have been no iPhone, iPad or iMac today among us.

Apple Stock Market Advantages

Apple Stock Market Advantages

Apple was the first successful personal computer company.

Steve Woz built each and every Apple computer with his hands, so he wanted to sell them for a little more high in price than the cost of the parts used in those computers, at a certain price that would recoup their outlay as long as they sold 50 units. But Jobs had bigger and better ideas than Woz.

The more Apple will innovate, the more high demand it will get for its products and services.

This will lead Apple to improved cash flow, pricing power, increased profit margins which will surely put the stock price at a higher level.

Apple Stock Market Advantages
Apple Stock Market Advantages

Apple surely has big plus points in the stock market, penetration into new markets, the success of its venture in China will surely be determined if Apple increases its growth year over year.

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Apple’s trailing price to earning ratio is 17.1 with expected growth to outpace the markets, making Apple an excellent attractive valuation in the stock market.

It was a rough start for Apple in 2019, downgrades were faced by Apple. but, the stock has bounced back and is said that it’s once again on the right track and Apple’s stock price target is going up.

Apple Stock Price

Apple Stock Price
Apple Stock Price

Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan recently upgraded AAPL stock to ‘buy’ and raised his cost target from $180 to $210.

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Apple has taken the opportunity to lower prices and attempt to gain market share following tax cuts because of China price cuts.

As the U.S. dollar has weakened in 2019 in comparison to Chinese yuan, which is a big positive for Apple to invest more and more into China markets.

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