How to Connect your Android Phone to Projector

In this post, I am going to describe for you about How to Connect your Android Phone to Projector it will help you in the case of Android phone to the projector.

Android Phone to Projector

1: MHL (mobile high definition link) if the android device support MHL, you can connect the HDMI adapter to the device and then connect the HDMI port to the projector.

2: HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) a mini HDMI cable could be used to connect directly to the standard HDMI  port on the projector.

this is basic and simple method but if you want to learn to connect wireless so 

Here we go:

Wanna Connect Wireless?

Android Phone to Projector

First, make sure there has an app associated with it. So far, this has been the most relieving solution possible. Panasonic projector and other leading brands projector have an app which enables to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network and get a screenshot of what is present in android device.

If the apps are unavailable on the google play website. You could check the website of that company that made the projector, or the documents so you must make sure there is a wireless app to connect an Android device to project.

Note: you should check out 2 websites also 1 is Chromecast and 2nd Is miracast.

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Step 1. Chromecast device link directly to the HDMI port on the projector where you could send from the android device via Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Miracast enables in casting anything from the android device to the projector.

Connecting And Android Device to a Projector

Android Phone to Projector

Android Phone to Projector form is a stress-free displaying any video or screenshots from the android phone. Turn on the projector and point the phone like a flashlight on the wall and the content gets displayed on the wall with high quality. Android Phone to Projector technology enables in sharing any data on the mobile anywhere with friends or with business people. Movies too could have enjoyed…

I hope you have been learning now ?

A few years ago, projectors had VGA and HDMI port connection most android phones did not support these port types.

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The best option to connect the android phone has to get it connected via a micro USB to HDMI port or micro USB to VGA port carrying the heavy laptop.

CD or glass sheets have turned old fashioned and even old people started hating using them.

Smartphones are also available with miracast supporting the projector. If the projector does not have miracast you could purchase a miracast video adapter and connect it to the projector. This method enables to watch the content like the movie or any content in android phone

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