3 Best Age of Civilizations Apps For Android [Wanna Know]

Once again, I come back with the new post of the age of civilizations and I hope the age of civilizations is one the most popular apps that providing maps of the earth.

Therefore, I’ve chosen the age of civilizations topic and will be increasing moreover the way to find the best map within a few seconds.

Age of Civilizations Apps

Previously, I’ve published about Best Android Strategy Game in this post, I’ve done 50 options but have with part 1. I wanna you to use the age of civilizations.

3 Best Age of Civilizations Apps For Android

Under what the problem when we are going to search some maps and get the better which is having lots of option as like the age of civilizations.

Let’s Begin

#1 Age of civilizations.

Orders are submitted before each round. The number of orders you can submit during each round is limited by your Movement Points for that round.

Age of Civilizations
Age of Civilizations

After orders are submitted, civilizations execute actions in turn order, which is randomized at the start of each round.

New Part: Here

The game is addictive but there are quite a few bugs and errors, so if you been playing and save it next time you want to resume you get an error message before loading and everything is gone which is really frustrating…


  • Pact: submit a pact offer to a civilization. If accepted, the civilizations cannot attack each other for five rounds. This can be canceled through a War order one round in advance.
  • Alliance: submit an alliance offer to a civilization. If accepted, that civilization will aid you in your military efforts. Use the War order to let allies know who your targets are.
  • Kick: end an alliance with a civilization.

[appbox googleplay id=age.of.civilizations.jakowski]

#2 Age of Civilizations Euro Lite

In the age of civilizations app, must know something which is being hidden from us? let’s find and get under what the condition and things have been hiding for a long time?

age of civilizations
Age of Civilizations Euro Lite

Basically, when someone is using a map and find some location which he/she/ whatever need.

So, I wanna suggest you use the age of civilizations and get all map easily where have they located?

Similarly, the backward if we see the age of civilizations we cannot find what the problem has been doing?

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The gameplay is its weak part. The early game is fun. But then, when you have long borders, it just becomes boring. You have to recruit and move forces in 1 province at a time. Imagine if you have 10 provinces bordering your enemy and you need to pay attention to each of them. It’s especially boring when you are steamrolling your enemies’ which is what the late game usually is. It also lacks any diplomacy, ai never agrees to form an alliance. So this game has nothing to offer other than moving numbers from one province to another, which feels silly for me. Maybe I just expect too much from a mobile game.


  • S8 bug fix
  • New: Army view instead of Economy view
  • New language: Čeština
  • Scale of achievements
  • Scale of icons
  • AI Alliance-Update.

[appbox googleplay id=age.of.civilizations.europe.jakowski.lite]

#3 Age of Civilizations Lite

Nothing the problem but when using this we will have gotten bugs problem and I think it will solve if the developer read.

age of civilizations

Confusing, unintuitive UI that’s poorly laid out, difficult to tell what’s going on, can’t cancel move order even though you haven’t ended your turn, and “tutorial” is useless, not explaining half the UI elements and doing nothing to explain actual gameplay or strategy. Maybe a good game once you figure it out, but I’m not going to spend the time and frustration to figure out.


  • Building Types
  • Gives a province a defense bonus.
  • Allows you to see army numbers in neighboring provinces.
  • Units to move into the sea. Units at sea can move back onto any land province, even if it doesn’t have a port.
  • 191 Civilizations
  • Vassals
  • Offline and Online achievements
  • Offline and Online Hall of Fame
  • Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements!

[appbox googleplay id=age.of.civilizations.jakowski.lite]

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