5+ Superb Adventure Games Mod APK For Android (Updated & Unlimited)

Adventure Games Mod APK is most of the maximum specific of any video games. They don’t in shape into every person elegance or style, and frequently times they’ll stay healthy into numerous genres right away adventure games mod apk. The most effective actual prerequisite for recreation to be an adventure game is that it have to take you on an adventure. That describes most video games. But, after updating this article for such quite a few years, we’ve got were given a revel in for what type of games readers assume while surfing this style. An adventure games mod apk case you’re equipped for a listing of video games so that it will do just that, here are our alternatives for the first-rate journey video games on Android!

15 Best adventure games mod apk for Android

adventure games mod apk
adventure games mod apk

Let’s begin! with adventure games mod apk.

Amanita Design Game

Amanita Design Game mod apk
Samorost 3 Demo Apps on Google Play

Amanita layout is a google play developer. They’ve got a few truly suitable adventure games under their belt. They encompass the legendary Machinarium, samorost 3, and botanicula. Machinarium is a completely popular puzzle game. Adventure games mod apk and you play as a robotic. Your intention is to remedy puzzles and store your woman buddy from vagabonds.


[appbox googleplay id=amanita_design.samorost3.GP.demo]

Samorost 3 is an adventure puzzle recreation surrounding a gnome and his magic flute. Botanicula is about a collection of insects trying to shop their tree’s seed from lousy men. Adventure games mod apk and These are a number of the best puzzle-journey games available on google play.

Crashlands (Adventure games mod apk)

Crashlands mod apk

Crashland is already some of the excellent adventure video games from 2016. You play as an area trucker named Flux. Adventure games mod apk and the sport begins with you crashing onto an alien planet.


Your process is to retrieve your cargo, assemble your self a base, combat horrible guys, and keep the arena. It has an expansion of pastime factors, which include crafting, combat, RPG-fashion individual leveling, and you could even tame creatures to combat to your component. It’s a deep game with a ton of content material that you can play on every cellular and computer. Its 4.Eight score on google play is accurate with Adventure games mod apk.

[appbox googleplay id=com.bscotch.crashlands]

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi mod apk
mod apk

Ninja Arashi is a decent journey-platformer. Gamers manage a silhouetted ninja and navigate thru a ramification of second, linear tiers. The sport reminds us of the old Shinobi video games on SEGA Genesis. The game carries 45 stages, simple mechanics, and a story approximately saving a ninja’s son from the terrible guys.



It’s a reasonably robust recreation. Adventure games mod apk and many who do not usually play cell video games may have a chunk of trouble. However, Adventure games mod apk we determined it to be hard in a terrific way as opposed to an irritating, bad one. The sport is likewise pretty reasonably-priced.

[appbox googleplay id=com.blackpanther.ninjaarashi]

Pokemon Go (Adventure games mod apk)

Pokémon GO mod apk

The Pokemon bypass is one of the more celebrated ambitious journey games. You go out into the real international and seize pokemon, combat at gyms, loot the poke stops, and lots greater.


The Adventure games mod apk detail is a touch extra literal on this pastime than others. It does require you to go places for your non-public and play the game inside the one’s positions.


Some might also additionally call that lame, Adventure games mod apk but the game is pretty a laugh while you locate exceptional folks that play and crew up. It is a freemium sport, but an affected man or woman players can dodge it.

[appbox googleplay id=com.nianticlabs.pokemongo]

Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake mod apk

Cube break out is a chain of mystery-adventure video games in which you need to treatment puzzles to find out what’s definitely happening. It’s moreover referred to as the “rusty lake story” Adventure games mod apk and it’s honestly playable online as a web sport as well.


The mechanics are quite simple and every endeavor has you solving a spread of puzzles as a manner to improvement in the tale. It’s technically they may be escape games because of this the general public of the time you’ll be solving puzzles. Though it’s an amazing collection of games and all of them are on the whole unfastened and not using an in-app purchase with a few top price video games to be had as well.

All of them make for amazing adventure-puzzle games with Adventure games mod apk.

[appbox googleplay id=air.com.RustyLake.RustyLakeParadise]

Adventure games mod apk

Swordigo (Adventure games mod apk)

Swordigo mod apk

Swordigo is a platformer-journey game and something a touch more conventional in this style. You leap via degrees, resolve puzzles, Adventure games mod apk and defeat terrible men.


The sports capabilities customizable controls, Adventure games mod apk plenty of locations to find out, various gadget and magic, and super photographs. It’s miles a tad short like most indie games. However, Adventure games mod apk is also quite less highly-priced.


It needs to take the majority every week or on the very maximum to complete this. Nonetheless, it’s miles an superb experience.

[appbox googleplay id=com.touchfoo.swordigo]

Secret Of Mana

Secret Of Mana mod apk

The secret of mana is an action-RPG style recreation. It first hit save cabinets inside the 1990’s. It’s acknowledged for being effortlessly on hand utilizing both novices and specialists inside the style and employs a unique menu system, Adventure games mod apk touch controls which might be well finished, and a quite first-rate storyline.


The basis in which you and your buddies will struggle the empire for control of the all-powerful mana.

[appbox googleplay id=com.square_enix.secret]

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It’s a laugh little sport although it does run a touch bit high-priced. Square Enix has re-launched quite a few their earlier titles, and most of them make for great journey games with Adventure games mod apk.


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