Download AdVenture Communist Mod APK for Android

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk is a 2D, simulation game, developed by Kongregate. The game is available for free on Google Play. This game is a sequel to a much-loved game called, AdVenture Communist.

If a player loves business and wants to become rich in the future, then this is the perfect game for them. Players would get the chance to make billions of dollars virtually, by only investing a small capital amount.

AdVenture Communist Mod APK

AdVenture Communist Mod APK

The business model available in AdVenture Communist Mod APK game is very realistic. Players get to learn about how they can invest in other businesses, and how they can best make use of capital, to create a fortune.


AdVenture Communist Mod APK game adds a humorous touch to what a communist economy might look like. For example, when the player clicks on the screen to produce, they can simply produce potatoes with just one tap.

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A player starts with a small piece of land, where he farms, and then that farm becomes his potato empire. If more and more potatoes are planted, then they have to be harvested, and for that, the player has to hire more farmers.

The player would be able to supply those potatoes to the rest of the world if only he knows how to make the right investment.

Unique Thing

AdVenture Communist Mod APK

The unique thing about this game is that, even when the player goes to sleep, the empire continues to grow. The same thing applies when the game is closed. If someone knocks on the door of the player, in the virtual world, and give them a job, they can simply close the game and not do the job.

The next time the player opens the game, they would get potatoes and different products.

Food Is Important

The game emphasizes the need and importance of food for every country in the world. Without food, people can’t do anything and growing potatoes is a smart choice. There are many dishes which can be created using potatoes, like French Fries.

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There are other things that a player can produce as well. They also have access to things like weapons, factories, and electricity. They can unlock new industries when they have sufficient material available to them.


There are researchers in the game that are really good employees. They can help the leader speed up the production process. If there are scientists, then they can bring better solutions to improve the production process.



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