8 Tips and Tricks for Mac That You May Not Know

There are a lot of hidden features and shortcuts for Mac that Apple has created in MacOS, ranging from shortcuts to keyboard commands and other small tricks that make Mac use a little easier. can go.

8 Tips and Tricks for Mac That You May Not Know

  • Transfer files faster – By pressing “T” when your Mac is starting up, you can enter destination disk mode. In this mode, use a Thunderbolt 3 cable to quickly transfer large files between two Macs.
  • Paste with matching style – by pasting something, if you use option-shift-command-V instead of just Command-V, you can change the pasted content to the same style as the existing document I have If you have a block of text in bold, for example, and then you want to paste text from the web and make it bold, you can use this keyboard shortcut.
  • Turn a website into a mail app – You can add any website to your database by dragging it to the bottom of the database, which contains recently opened and used applications. Adding a website to the dock makes opening faster because you can click through to all your apps as well.
  • Quick Print Shortcuts – If you go to the Printers & Scanners section of System Preferences and drag the icon of your favorite printer to your desktop, you can drag and drop the printer icon to print files automatically. ۔
  • Screen Sharing in Messages – In a message conversation with someone, click on the “Details” link and then click on the icon that looks like two screens at once to start a screen exchange with the person you’re talking to. As long as you can click on the screen share option, it is very useful for people with low tax premium family.
  • Dock File Preview – In the Dock Downloads or Documents folder, hover over a file and then press the space bar to see a preview. It also works for selected files in Finder.
  • See where the files are stored – If you have a folder of downloads or documents in the dock, you can hold down the command and click on a organize or record to show its area in Finder.
  • Move files faster – to move files from one location to another using keyboard shortcuts, copy the files you want to move, and then move those files to a new location Use option-command-V to move.

Do you know of any other Mack tips and tricks we don’t cover here? Let us know in the comments and we can highlight them in the next video.

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