How To Solve 504 Gateway Timeout Error

Has this ever happened to you that you? It just opened your web browser to visit a website or to watch anything and suddenly you see a big error message screen on your browser indicating the issue “504 Gateway Timeout Error.” 

Do not worry at all now. I will let you know what this error means and how to fix this “504 Gateway Timeout Error”

How To Solve 504 Gateway Timeout Error

504 Gateway Timeout Error
Timeout Error

A 504 Gateway Timeout Error happens when a server that was attempting to load a web page and did not get a response in time from the other server. Almost always, the error is on the website itself. And the people do nothing about it but to try to visit the website again later.

In other words, 504 Gateway Timeout Error usually indicate that a different computer, one that the website you are getting the 504 error message on, it doesn’t control but relies on, is not communicating with it quickly enough.

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Website designers can customize how a 504 error page looks. So, you might see different error messages of 504 Gateway Error on different websites. Some websites might also use a different name for this error. You may see these messages:

  • Gateway Timeout Error
  • HTTP 504
  • Gateway Timeout (504)
  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • 504 Error
  • HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout


504 Gateway Timeout Error
504 Gateway Timeout Error

This 504 Gateway Timeout error is usually a network error between servers on the internet or an issue with an actual server. Good news for you is that do not think that the issue is with your PC or Internet connection.

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Though this a web issue and you can’t do anything to fix it, there are some things you can try.

  • Retry the web page by clicking the refresh button or press F5. Try to reload the URL on the address bar.
  • Restart all your network devices like modem, switches or other networking hardware you are using.
  • Check the proxy server settings in your browser, make sure they are correct.

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These things might help you to quickly but not surely solve this 504 Gateway issue. If not, then just wait and let the web designers solve the issue for you.

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