Free Download Top 10 Best Emoji Keyboard apps for Android

Emoji is a Japanese word which pronounced as emodʑi”. Emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. For Android users there are plenty of apps on Google Play Store, to make their Android device easy to use.

As we know that texting is easy but without expressing emotions its kinda boring. With Emoji keyboard it will be easy to text with emotions. But, Android also provides its default emoji keyboard so for those who don’t want to use Android default’s Emoji Keyboard, they can try these Emoji Keyboard apps which I’m gonna listing below. In this post check out Free Download Top 10 best Emoji Keyboard App for Android.

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  1. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emotions
  2. This Emoji Keyboard is cute, simple, stylish and free. It provides almost over 3000+ Emoji emotions. Its not only providing Emoji’s but its also let you make funny GIF’s, and emoji art in a flash. With Emoji Keyboard you can share fancy stickers and smiley text faces anywhere via SMS, email or on any other social app like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. There are lots of features of Emoji keyboard Cute emotions app. Here are some:

    • Perfect Keyboard customization.
    • It provides more than 1000 colorful stunning keyboard themes.
    • No doubt, cause its fast typing & smart input.
    • supports 65 languages.

    And more… To know more about this Emoji Keyboard app then click the link below to get this!

    Download Emoji Keyboard Cute Emotions | Demo

  3. Kika Keyboard - Emoji and GIFs
  4. Kika keyboard is also an Emoji Keyboard app for Android devices. As I said before that there are plenty of apps on Google Play Store, but there is nothing so perfect like this one, cause this one is really cool and easy to use. In this app you can change the theme of typing keyboard. It means its also customizable just like others. Here I’m gonna tell you about some more stunning features of this Emoji Keyboard app.

    • Free Emoji Stickers, Emoji and Funny GIF’s for Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or your other favorite apps.
    • Compatible with all Android versions.
    • Custom keyboard themes by choosing your own photo or color.
    • Personalize your page or color scheme.
    • Supports for more than 60 languages.
    • Full support for Android mobiles and tablets.

    and more are coming.

    Download Kika Keyboard - Emoji and GIFs | Demo

  5. Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs
  6. Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs, as you can see this is an Emoji Keyboard app for Android. This app works the same, with Kika Emoji Keyboard you can send funny GIFs, Emoji and stickers to your friends and family. This app is easy to use with any Android version. There are almost 1200+ Emoji & Emoticons. Make your Keyboard more stylish than before with Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIF’s themes. Supports 60+ languages, plus tablet mode.

    Download Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs | Demo

  7. Color Rain Emoji Keyboard Skin
  8. If you want a rainy themes with rain drops on your Emoji Keyboard theme. If you like rainy days then get this rainy live wallpaper Emoji keyboard for your Android device. Obviously this rain wallpaper of Emoji Keyboard will make your Keyboard looks super cool! For this super cool rainy Emoji Keyboard you need to install Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons first.

    Download Color Rain Emoji Keyboard Skin | Demo

  9. Tap Emoji Keyboard
  10. Tap Emoji Keyboard is highly concentrated with pure themes and completely customizable mobile app for Android lovers! It a cool Emoji Keyboard with over 400 fun Emojis, stunning stickers for chat, Various beautiful themes, and supports over 30 languages. Join over 30 million people today and have the most powerful typing experience.

    Download Tap Emoji Keyboard | Demo

  11. Smart Emoji Keyboard
  12. “Smart” as you can see in the name of this Emoji Keyboard app. This means that it a smart fast and easy keyboard. Smart Emoji Keyboard is compatible with any Android version, and it comes with latest and free Emojis. Smart Emoji Keyboard provides many beautiful themes. Just like others it also supports over 60+ languages with 1000+ Emojis.

    Download Smart Emoji Keyboard | Demo

  13. Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji
  14.  Emoji Keyboard – Color Emoji is a colorful and stylish Emoji Keyboard for Android Users. Share you emotions with your friends group on any app like Facebook, Whatsapp, and on any other. This Emoji Keyboard is ads free. You will be having fun using this one also. To know more about this Emoji Keyboard’s features just click on the link below.

    Download Emoji Keyboard - Color Emoji | Demo

  15. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard
  16. Touchpal Emoji keyboard is free easy to use with over 1000+ Emoji emotions to share with friends anywhere and on any platform. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard provides many features such as: GIF’s, emoticons, text faces conveniently supports, customizable keyboard themes and much more. There are 400 million active Android users of TouchPal Emoji Keyboard from all around the World.

    Download TouchPal Emoji Keyboard | Demo

  17. GO Keyboard - Emoji, Sticker
  18. GO Keyboard Emoji and stickers app for Android developed by GO team. Go Keyboard Emoji Sticker app is consider to be the best keyboard on Google Play Store. There are 200 million active users of this Emoji Keyboard from all around the World. Go Keyboard provides more than 1600+ Emoji and emoticons, 10000+ beautiful themes, stylish stickers for girls, Inspiring wallpapers, Cool sound and fonts, Make your type faster with swipe type mode, supports 60+ languages, Pad mode, Fancy stickers, and much more….

    Download GO Keyboard - Emoji, Sticker | Demo

  19. Emoji Keyboard
  20. Emoji Keyboard is also an Emoji Keyboard and it works all the same just like the others. Its a cool and stylish keyboard. It has also many beautiful features to know more about this Emoji Keyboard just click the link below.

    Download Emoji Keyboard | Demo

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